Sunday, 26 January 2014

Belly beautiful!

Dear Mamas,

I want you to know that your body is beautiful and here's why...

As we all know pregnancy massively changes your body. We gain a good few wonderful kgs of precious baby and baby supporting weight; as we should! From swollen ankles, bigger bottoms, puffy jaws to blown up feet: thank goodness it was summer so I could happily wear flip flops for the last two months! For most of us it's a time of enormous body change and not just the big and beautiful bump we all carry so proudly. 

Then we give birth and for a few days/weeks have that lovely, sweet, little tummy pouch; the skin slightly looser and a little more rubbery. Then maybe just maybe things go back to normal. Some of us might be considered the "lucky" ones and are just a few months later back to our pre pregnancy weight or lower. Some  might be up and down or some, like me, might not know or care.  

Really I don't care. And I'm not just saying that, I actually don't care and I will explain why you shouldn't either! You see I see my body differently now; how could I not? Like many of us I'm sure my once fairly flat stomach now is a little less flat, the skin not quite so taught, a little soft, the muscles not quite so strong.  BUT that's the beauty of it; I look at that little tum and I see my baby's home. I see the space that created, supported, nurtured and kept her alive. The linea nigra, the dark line across it, my "little b stripe" as I call it. I love that stripe, the reminder of my beautiful bump and little girl; Papa B loves that stripe. How could we not?! It's the story of our little b. Just like any stretch marks are part of your buba's story too or as I've heard described before a mama tiger's stripes!

Looking at my beautiful baby girl how could I do anything but be in awe and wonder of my body?! It made her! It made (with important help from Papa b!) and grew my little bean. And for that I thank it! For that I think it's wonderful, incredible and something to value, love, cherish and adore. As should all of you!

So now I love that little tum. I nourish and support the body that gave my beautiful baby girl life and even now sustains her on the breast. I don't see it as a weight but the wonderful creation that it is, the incredible power that is has to sustain and give life. A mama's body really is truly incredible no matter what shape or size it now is.  So I'm here to tell you to embrace your body, love your body and love that little tum for after all it made your little one! You made and gave life with that body, for that you and it are amazing. Love that body and be proud of it, it's done you proud! ;)

Love Mama Amore xxx


  1. Nice post! thanks for sharing your beautiful experience... I will regularly visit this site for updates...

    1. Thank you Anna :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! It's a subject very close to my heart!

      I am posting on twitter with updates so feel free to follow me on there @mama_amore_Xx

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Mama Amore Xx