Saturday, 25 January 2014

My first blog :)

My first blog...
Wow! Exciting stuff!

I've been meaning to blog since our daughter, who we call ‘little bean’ (I’ll explain later), was born and now I'm finally here only 8 wonderful months later; little bean asleep on the boob as I type! I feel I’ve learnt so much in the past 8 months (17 if you count my pregnancy) and I really wish someone had told me these things much much sooner which is why I am putting them all out in a blog in hope that you will find them interesting and hopefully helpful too.

Since little bean was in the womb I've kept a diary to document my wonderful experiences of being a mama and as a token of our love for her. A keepsake so that she can look back through our memories and see how very much loved she is.  My diary has also helped me to remember the wonderful memories we’ve made, our experiences, the ups and downs and the things we’ve learnt along the way which I would like to share with you.  Papa B has also promised a few ‘men’s perspective’ piece; when he has the time!

So now here it is. All I've learnt in one place to see, share and maybe help you too. I’m not saying I’m an expert; far from it! But there are things I wish I’d learnt, so much sooner, that I can share with you and perhaps things you may want to share with me.

So let me introduce myself briefly -well briefly for me!- I was a teacher in a former life; Michael Gove, Nursery fees and paperwork putting an end to a career that I was no longer enjoying. So now I'm a full time mama/ slightly crappy housewife ;) turned blogger! Yay me! At some point I'd like to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor to help others with something I found difficult initially but now enjoy (I will share this experience soon).

I'm slightly different from the mother I expected myself to be. From a wine drinking, heel wearing, city girl, my parenting style as it's evolved is probably what you would call attachment - or some might say "hippy" ;) - parenting but really it's just what feels right and natural to us and what we (Papa B, little b and myself) have developed along the way. I do still wear heels (a lot lower!) and drink the odd (smallish!) glass of wine but now I'm also a proud and contended (but not THE contented!) co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing, sling/wrap loving, babyled weaner BUT I do not expect everyone else to be.  Lots of my friends aren't.  As I said this is just what feels right for us.

This has been a journey of discovery, out with the Gina Ford (not that we ever did) and in with the sling and I'm happy to share every step of the way with you. You don't have to give up half your bed for buba (or more in Little B's case) or learn to tie a wrap- unless you want to. But you just might find yourself wanting to! ;) and if not you may find some useful tips for breastfeeding on the go, benefits of babyled weaning or how to get your baby to sleep... Finally!

So here it is, my Mama blog. Enjoy and feel free to comment, post and share your experiences or ask any questions you need to ask. (But please no trolls; this is for my daughter to read one day.) Here's to happy, healthy, hippy parenting to you all :)

Mama Amore xxx

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